Tattoos first appeared 5,000 years ago in India. It was customary to adorn themselves with a tattoo for a variety of reasons: as a fashion or beauty accessory, as a means of personal expression, or a religious or social message. Tattoos were also used for healing purposes.From India, traveled to Africa, tattoos, the Mid East. Now, the tattoo is a canvas for personal expression in every country on the planet.

Temporary tattoos get a lot of attention these days, mainly because of its organic origin. Historically, a henna-based products, temporary tattoos now seen in a wide variety of colors. Improvements to printing inks and adhesives have produced an exceptional product.

In Australia Amunez Temporary Tattoos was founded in 1997 by a group of pharmacists who wanted to produce a high quality ink. They worked with chemists and dermatologists and created a formula made for long-lasting color of the skin, from a safe chemical powder and a catalyst binding solution. If they properly mixed and applied, the result was a smooth black image, which lasted for seven days to six weeks. In 1999 Amunuz came with colored inks.

A temporary tattoo is an all-natural, safe and painless way to decorate your body, and the process is very simple. A sheet of special paper is first coated with a special plastic. Then the tattoo image is printed using high-quality cosmetic grade ink. Non-toxic adhesive applied to the image and a transparent plastic film is applied to protect the image / adhesive layer. Finally, a special supportapplied. To use, a simply removes the plastic film, the image face down and hits water on the surface. The carrier is then removed, revealing an image that will take 3-5 days.

Temporary tattoos make freehand or with stencils. They can be flat black or a spectrum of colors, including metallic and florescent.These tattoos are everywhere, such as logos for events like the Olympic Games, Wimbledon, and European football and rugby matches to be seen. They also appear in the bridal party, on the runways of the fashion world, with street parties and children's birthdays.

Many professional makeup artist wear their tattoo skills to the film industry. Neil Gorton of Millennium FX has created war wounds for Saving Private Ryan, special effects for Gladiator, Inkheart, The Wolfman, and Dr. Who. Some of his TV work on Little Britain and can be seen Torchwood.

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